Ein Erfahrungsbericht mit Rechtsanwälten

[Anmerkung: Rechtsanwalt ist eine Berufsbezeichnung und keine Geschlechterfeststellung.]

Im Familienrecht gibt es seltene Fälle bei denen eine Rechtsanwaltspflicht für die Prozeßführung herrscht. Im allgemeinen ist die Hinzuziehung eines Rechtsanwaltes ratsam, da man das Familienrecht und seine juristischen Spielregeln nicht kennt. Die Beauftragung eines Rechtsanwaltes bedeutet auch immer ein Vertrauensverhältnis. Und der beste Rechtsanwalt ist immer jener, dem man vertraut. Wir haben im Verein Kontakte zu Rechtsanwälten, die sich im Familienrecht einen Namen gemacht haben. Bei Bedarf geben wir die Kontakte gerne weiter.

Hier kommt ein Erfahrungsbericht eines Vaters, der um Kontakt zu seinem Kinde kämpfen mußte und die Zusammenhänge mit der Bauftragung eines Rechtsanwaltes noch nicht kannte.

N.M. schreibt uns:

- make sure you know the jurisprudence in your state (eg: Vienna). This is important in relation to your lawyer, but not at least in relation to yourself.

It might sound like your lawyer helps you, if he/she proposes a generous visitation schedule, but actually this is a way to guarantee that a trial will happen, especially when the mother is very inflexible.

- make sure you understand the tariffs and always make sure that both you and the lawyer know how much money you pay with every bill and how much you will have to pay in the future (if any).

If there are things that are not clear, discuss them as soon as possible. If you have the sensation that your lawyer doesn't respond to your requests, it is a good idea to immediately terminate its empowerment, this will be (much) cheaper in the end.

- the entire communication process must happen in written form, so that you can defend later on in case your lawyer will turn against you.

- make sure that you know in any moment how much will be paid on the next bill, but more important if there is any other money left to be paid.

- make sure that you don't do actions (through your lawyer) just for the sake of it. Keep in mind that instances/judges are very much biased into mothers (just to put it mildly). Keep in mind that FGH exists not for the best interest of the child, but for the best interest of the mother (and to weaponize the mother).

Background explanation: in order to show their usefulness, lawyers will create work for them. Make sure that you don't throw money on the window for some actions that not only help, but might turn against you.

- avoid as much as possible payment by hour. You have very little to no control over it. Your only "option" will be to pay in the end.

The story:

Many lawyers charge you over your income, so they know from the beginning that you (as a client, can't do this for long periods of time). Please keep in mind that the lawyer knows your income, since you are supposed to pay child support. At some moment you will be close to running out of money. Then the lawyer will come with the "solution" to limit the bills, but this will happen only verbally. You will have the sensation that the things are now settled, but the lawyer will keep a double register, one will present it to you regularly, but you will find out about some payments from behind at the end, when your own lawyer will come with the final bill that might bury you. Literally. In this case it is strongly recommended to terminate the lawyer's empowerment immediately.